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Price List

Single session Colon Hydrotherapy                         £85

Ideal as a first treatment. Includes full consultation plus treatment with use of herbal enema chosen by practitioner.

Coffee enema with Colonic                                                                  £90
Advised when fasting or doing a detox as the coffee adds a deeper cleanse and brings focus to the liver

Ultimate Colonic                    £99
Full colonic treatment with prescribed herbal enema and addition of oil based abdominal massage. Great for really stubborn gas and constipation ( women only)

Colonic Hydrotherapy package of 3 sessions                            £240
Most clients will need more than one single session to deal with stubborn issues so this package offers great value and is valid for 3 months.

Colonic Parasite Cleanse    £99   
One colonic, anti parasite enema and herbal remedy to take home                                           

5 Day Detox                              £99
One Colonic, plus herbal enema plus herbal remedy to take home for 5 days. Great mini detox when time is short

10 Day Detox                         £160
2 colonic sessions taken 10 days apart, one herbal enema, one coffee enema, herbal supplements focusing on the bowel, and dietary advice for the 10 days. This is our most popular detox programme and provides a real re-set for your system

7 Day Liver Cleanse             £150
2 colonic sessions taken 7 days apart with coffee enemas and liver cleansing herbs to take in between. Perfect for sluggish gut and to do a seasonal cleanse

Colonic Plus Vitamin B12 shot                                                        £115

Colonic Plus Vitamin D shot                                                                                                    £125

Vitamin B12 shot                   £30

Vutamin B12 helps with energy levels, red blood cell production, improved mood and much more. Levels are often low in those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet. B12 by injection is the Gold Standard and most efficient route.

Vitamin D Shot                    £40
Vitamin D is essential for strong bones, healthy muscles and overall health. Recommended especially in the winter months or for anyone who does not get much sunlight on their skin ( most of us in UK! )


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